"La chaise duchamp" is called like so in model of ” nu descendant de l’escalier no. 2” (1912) a Marcel Duchamp’s piece of art who was a contemporary arts pioneer. Duchamp’s paint represents human shapes which seem to be composed of juxtaposed prisms distorting the descent movement. Here the idea is quite the same, the chair is composed of several same slices which have been gradually moved to create movement impression. The slices which are at the ends play the part of the base. Finally the object is composed of one different piece which is increased to create a useful and aesthetic object.

Organic twins are part of an experimental set of organic sits. They look similar but they’re not totally. They ‘re composed of several wood slices which were curved to be put together. Inside of them we can see random organic constructions which remind the idea of a progressive object as if nature itself had created it.


© Adrian BAUDUIN